6 April 2022

Land Purchase Agreement for the second phase of the Senior Material European Project

On March 22, 2022, The CEO Kevin Zhu of Senior Material Properties AB, a wholly-owned project subsidiary of Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., Ltd, and the Mayor of Eskilstuna City signed a Land Purchase Agreement for the second phase of the Senior Material European Project at the Mayor's Office in Eskilstuna City Hall, involving 120,000 square meters of land for the construction of the next-generation wet base film lines and supporting coating project of the second phase of Senior European project. This is another big step taken by Senior Material in the European market.

 "The energy revolution is the biggest industrial revolution facing mankind today, will completely change the life trajectory of human society, will help to solve the problem of air pollution on the earth, so that the earth is more suitable for human living, this industry is a sun-rising industry with a good work in nowadays, beneficial in the future!  “We believe that with the start-up and development of the Senior Swedish project, the local employment and high-tech industry level of Sweden will be enhanced, and will bring demonstration benefits to the new technology industry cooperation between China and Sweden, and play an active role in enhancing the friendship between China and Sweden." said by Chairman of Senior Material, Xiufeng Chen.

 Eskilstuna Mayor Jimmy Jansson said. "Senior's project to land in Eskilstuna is a very good case of the new energy industry development in Sweden and Europe. I also wish Senior's project a complete success. Eskilstuna very welcomes lithium battery industry chain related enterprises to settle down, the establishment of Swedish lithium battery industry value chain, the development of lithium battery industry is Sweden's national policy, Sweden is a green and beautiful country, committed to energy conservation and emission reduction, to create a better life for the people. ”

"The journey of a thousand miles began with a single step, and the European project of Senior Material took another important step today. In recent years, the European battery industry has been dynamic and thriving, steadily making European Green Deal and energy conservation and emission reduction a reality. We are delighted and honored to be part of the European lithium battery value chain and do our best to support the booming lithium battery industry in Europe." Said by Kevin Zhu, CEO of Senior Material Europe.

Mr. Jimmy Jansson, chairman of the municipal board in Eskilstuna Municipality, Sweden and Mr. Kevin Zhu, CEO of Senior Material Properties AB 



8 March 2022 

First spade in the ground for a new 30,000 square-metre logistics facility in Eskilstuna

The first spade has gone into the ground for GardenStore’s new logistics facility at Eskilstuna Logistics Park. The facility, which will have an area of approximately 30,000 square metres, is being built by the property development company Bockasjö AB, which has signed a lease agreement with the fast-growing e-retailer GardenStore Nordic AB.

“We are very pleased to have GardenStore as a tenant in this new logistics centre,” says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö AB.

“The new logistics centre will be ready for occupation in February 2023 and will be environmentally certified according to BREEAM-SE, with a grade of Excellent. Solar cells will be installed and will form part of the environmental installations with which the building is equipped,” says Joakim Hedin.

“GardenStore is undergoing a phase of strong growth and is rapidly becoming a leading company in online sales of products for gardens and patios. The move to a modern, sustainable logistics facility at Eskilstuna Logistics Park lays the basis for our future expansion and for more efficient logistics,”
says Valentin Berg, CEO of GardenStore Nordic AB.

“We are extremely pleased at this significant investment by Bockasjö and the establishment at Eskilstuna Logistics Park and we welcome the fast-growing e-retailer GardenStore to Eskilstuna Logistics Park. The establishment will generate many new and important jobs and will further strengthen our position as an attractive, sustainable location for establishment,”  says David Hofmann, CEO of Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB.

From the left David Hofmann, CEO of Eskilstuna Logistik, Valentin Berg CEO
and Erik Hallgren Head of Logistics of GardenStore, Joakim Hedin CEO of Bockasjö
and Daniel Parkhagen, CEO of BSGR Projektutveckling.

Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö AB, mobile 0705-21 53 00, e-mail joakim@bsgr.se
Valentin Berg, CEO of GardenStore Nordic AB, e-mail valentin@gardenstore.se
David Hofmann, CEO of Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB, mobile 0738-51 13 01,
e-mail david.hofmann@eskilstunalogistik.se





25 March 2021

Senior Technology Material invests SEK 2.5 billion in Eskilstuna – adding unique expertise to Sweden’s battery industry

Shenzhen Senior Technology Material (Senior) will invest SEK 2.5 billion (MEUR 250) until 2025 to establish a production facility at Svista industrial estate in Eskilstuna, Sweden, creating local conditions for 500-600 new direct jobs. The facility will be one of Europe’s largest factories of its kind and will supply Northvolt with separator film for lithium-ion batteries.

Senior Technology Material’s establishment in Eskilstuna is the company’s first investment in a production line outside of China. According to the management, the new facility is set to become European headquarters when the construction phase is completed in 2025.

“Eskilstuna is now positioning itself as a key knowledge hub in the electrification of transport, not only in Sweden but also in a European context. Once again, we have demonstrated that Eskilstuna is an attractive location for new business as well as expanding companies. I welcome the formation of a cluster of companies here in the field of electrification,” says Jimmy Jansson (S), Chairman of the Municipal Board, Eskilstuna Municipality.     

Ibrahim Baylan, Sweden’s Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation, comments:

“Electrification and access to energy storage play a decisive role in the transformation of industry and society to combat climate change, and in making Sweden one of the world’s first fossil-free welfare nations. This is an important investment, not least for Eskilstuna, to ensure that batteries can be manufactured sustainably in Sweden.”   

The site selection process for Senior’s production facility has been exhaustive. Eskilstuna was chosen for its strategic location as a logistics hub as well as the possibility of transporting raw materials sustainably via rail through Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal. Another key reason was the availability of technology skills in the region.

In addition, the higher share of carbon-free energy available in Sweden and Eskilstuna compared to other countries was a key advantage in the decision making process, as this unlocks the possibility for Senior to achieve a low carbon footprint in manufacturing.      

Xufeng Chen, Chairman of the Board, Senior Technology Material, says:

“Europe will be the world’s most important market for the electrification of transport and energy storage solutions in the future. In addition, the EU has set a target of completely replacing conventional cars with electric vehicles over the next 15 years. The market opportunities are vast and there is great potential for further development. Senior’s establishment of a production facility in Sweden is a key step in our global strategy.”

The production facility in Eskilstuna will supply Northvolt’s gigafactory in Skellefteå with separators. Both raw materials and end products will be transported to and from Eskilstuna by rail via Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal.

“We believe that the strong cooperation between Northvolt and Senior will establish Sweden as one of Europe's most important production hubs for battery materials and components for the automotive and energy storage markets. This, in turn, will have a profound impact and contribute to the development of Europe's new energy industry,” adds Xufeng Chen, Chairman of the Board, Senior Technology Material.

Senior Technology Material’s establishment in Sweden and Eskilstuna will involve three phases. In the first phase, the company will rent a 13,900 sqm facility at Svista industrial estate from the real estate company Nyfosa. A letter of intent has been signed between Eskilstuna Municipality, Nyfosa and Senior to develop a 120,000 sqm plot of land adjoining the existing facility in Svista, with a view to expand operations in the second and third phases.

Currently, the plan is to establish a 70,000 sqm facility by 2025 which is expected to create 500-600 direct jobs and a large number of indirect jobs.

“We are very pleased to welcome Senior to Sweden’s expanding battery industry. By tapping into Sweden’s low carbon energy mix and excellent conditions for modern manufacturing, Senior’s establishment and strong technical expertise will contribute to the sustainable supply of battery components for the European market,” says Andreas Scheibenpflug, Head of Business Ecosystem – Smart Industry & New Materials, Business Sweden. 

Johan Holmqvist, Chairman, Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB says:
“It is very gratifying that a listed company, in a rapidly expanding high-tech industry, has decided to locate its European headquarters and production site in Eskilstuna. I am convinced that Senior’s establishment will have a positive impact on the entire business community in Eskilstuna,” 


Jimmy Jansson (S), Chairman of the Municipal Board, Eskilstuna Municipality, concludes:

“Senior’s investment will strengthen local conditions for future industrial establishments, proving that our strategy of boosting Eskilstuna’s attractiveness as an industrial hub is yielding positive results. Our municipality is known for advanced industrial competence and skills and Senior’s unique expertise is warmly welcome. We are making this journey together.”      


For more information, please contact:       
Jimmy Jansson (S), Chairman of the Municipal Board, Eskilstuna Municipality
+46 (0)70 086 65 02, jimmy.jansson@eskilstuna.se

Kalle Liu, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Material (Europe) AB, +46 (0)76 301 10 01, kallezl@senior798.com

Stina Lindh Hök, CEO, Nyfosa, +46 (0) 70 577 18 85, stina.lindh.hok@nyfosa.se

Johan Holmqvist, Chairman, Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB, +46 (0)70 324 57 37, johan.holmqvist@eskilstunalogistik.se

David Hofmann, CEO, Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB, +46 (0)73 851 13 031, david.hofmann@eskilstunalogistik.se


About the company:  
Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., is a leading global supplier of separators used in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. The company is headquartered in the tech hub Shenzhen and supplies the world’s largest battery manufacturers with patented separator solutions.

The company is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange and plans to expand in China and internationally to meet growing demand for battery components. The investment in Sweden and Eskilstuna represents the first establishment of a production facility overseas.   

Additional comments:
“Senior’s establishment in Eskilstuna is an important and welcome addition to the ecosystem for battery production that is emerging in Sweden and Europe. The company’s decision to locate production in Mälardalen, known for its availability of advanced technical expertise and carbon-free energy, will support growth at the local level and Europe’s energy transition, as well as Northvolt’s operations – as we continue our work to produce the world’s greenest lithium-ion battery,” says Jesper Wigardt, Vice President Communication & Public Affairs, Northvolt.     

“We are very pleased to be able to develop Senior’s modern production facility in Eskilstuna. It is positive that this future investment in the expansive battery industry is taking place in Sweden and that Nyfosa can contribute to this through a long-term collaboration,” says Stina Lindh Hök, CEO of Nyfosa. 

“I am very pleased to welcome Senior to Eskilstuna and Svista industrial estate and proud of the fact that the company has decided to establish a new production facility here. This significant investment will pave the way for many important employment opportunities.” says David Hofmann, CEO, Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB.

“We are happy to have found a good solution here in Eskilstuna that meets Senior’s production needs, the result of intensive efforts with professional support from Business Sweden and Invest Stockholm. This important industrial establishment confirms Eskilstuna’s key position as an industry and logistics hub in Sweden, which is very encouraging,” says Manuel Brändeborn, Marketing Manager, Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB.

“The emphasis on rail transport in the establishment of Senior’s production facility reflects Eskilstuna’s ambitions to contribute to the shift from road to rail solutions in goods transport,” says Mikael Jonsson, Establishment Manager, Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB.



20 January 2021

Bockasjö lets 20,000 square metres in new logistics centre to Apoteket in Eskilstuna

The logistics property development company Bockasjö AB has signed an agreement with Apoteket AB to establish a new logistics centre of about 20,000 square metres located in Eskilstuna Logistics Park outside Eskilstuna, which Apoteket will lease on a long contract.

The groundworks will commence shortly, and the new logistics centre will be ready for occupation in February 2022. The new logistics centre will be owned by Bockasjö. The logistic centre can be expanded and extended by about 12,000 square metres.

Bockasjö has acquired 96,000 square metres of land from Eskilstuna Municipality, some 60,000 square metres of which will be used for the new logistics centre that Apoteket will lease. Negotiations areongoing regarding a new establishment to be constructed on the land which borders Apoteket's new logistics centre.

Eskilstuna occupies an excellent strategic location in Mälardalen. 35% of Sweden's population is accessible within a radius of 100 kilometres, which means that Eskilstuna is ideally located from a logistics perspective, with an ever expanding e-commerce developing in line with consumer demands that goods should preferably be delivered on the same day as the order is placed.

Bockasjö will complete about 110,000 square metres of new logistics space in Sweden during 2021, as much as it completed during 2020.

"Making such a large deal in these unusual times in competition with a large number of others is in many ways a show of strength. We are delighted to have Apoteket as a tenant in this new logistics centre, which will be environmentally certified after construction in accordance with the BREAM standard. Solar cells are a natural part of the environmental installations that will apply for this property" says Joakim Hedin, CEO of Bockasjö AB.

"This significant investment and establishment in Eskilstuna Logistics Park is highly gratifying and we welcome Apoteket AB and Bockasjö to Eskilstuna. The establishment will generate many new and important jobs as well as further strengthen our position as an attractive and sustainable location for establishments," says David Hofmann, CEO of Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB

"Our e-commerce is growing extremely quickly and increasing numbers of customers are discovering that it is possible to purchase both medicines and other pharmacy products flexibly and simply using our e-commerce platform. Setting up a modern warehouse of our own for the operations is a strategic decision and the aim is that we will be able to have full control over the entire e-commerce process so that we can develop it optimally going forward," says Wictoria Glans, business area manager for Apotekets e-commerce.

For further information, contact:
Joakim Hedin, CEO Bockasjö AB, telephone +46 (0)705–21 53 00 or joakim@bsgr.se
David Hofmann, CEO Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB, telephone +46 (0)738-511301 or david.hofmann@eskilstunalogistik.se

Based in Borås, the Bockasjö Group operates in property management and property development that is focused on warehousing and strategic logistics locations in Sweden.

Eskilstuna Logistics Park is a planned, strategic area of 420 hectares, with access to 3.8 million inhabitants within 60 minutes. It has all the prerequisites for sustainable establishments and transportation, with opportunities for expansion as well as excellent access to skilled and loyal labour.




20 Oktober 2020

Coop chooses to invest in Eskilstuna Logistics Park, by building an automated logistics terminal

Coop has decided to invest in a new logistics solution and a fully automated terminal to be built in Eskilstuna Logistics Park. The terminal will have an area of 109,000 square metres and is expected to be fully operational in the second half of 2024. It will create around 400 new jobs, plus another 100 during peak season.

The new terminal will be one of largest automation solutions in Sweden. The terminal will supply goods to more than800 Coop stores throughout Sweden. 

“We can see that Coop's future competitiveness will be based on speed, innovation and digitalisation. A central, automated terminal enables us to serve our customers better and streamline our operations and we will further strengthen our sustainability work when more transports go by rail", says Magnus Johansson, CEO of Coop Sweden.    

The terminal in Eskilstuna will be a fully automated facility with heights from 15 metres up to 36 metres. All processes, from inbound to picking on pallets, will be automated and will take place around the clock.

The terminal will have a rail connection on-site, which will allow Coop to increase the proportion of transports by rail. Around 35% of Coop's transports already go by rail.

“I’m very happy and proud to welcome Coop to Eskilstuna and Eskilstuna Logistics Park and I’m delighted that they’re choosing to invest in the future with their new efficient Swedish goods terminal at our Logistics Park. This large establishment will generate a large number of important new jobs”, says David Hofmann, CEO of Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB. 

“This significant investment confirms Eskilstuna's position as a logistics hub and, besides the new jobs, there will also be around a hundred construction jobs during the construction phase as well as large numbers of drivers required for distribution within Sweden, which is something we’re extremely happy about”, says Manuel Brändborn, Marketing Manager of Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB. 

“We’re very pleased that we’ve been able to provide Coop with the right conditions for its future sustainability work by enabling them to connect the terminal to our existing rail facilities at Eskilstuna Logistics Park, thus increasing the proportion of climate-smart transport. Coop's investment in more extensive rail transport goes hand in hand with Eskilstuna's aim to help the transition of goods transport from road to rail”, says Mikael Jonsson, Establishment Manager of Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB.



1 September 2020 

Amazon selects Kuehne Nagel
and Eskilstuna logistics park

When the American e-commerce company Amazon establishes its Swedish site, packages will be delivered from the warehouse in Eskilstuna Logistics Park. It will generate many new jobs in Eskilstuna.

 "We have chosen Eskilstuna as it is an ideal location in central Sweden, in close proximity to Stockholm," says Helgi Ingólfsson, the logistics company Kuehne Nagel's manager in Sweden.

Kuehne Nagel will manage Amazon's logistic from Logicenter's newly built 15,000 square metre warehouse in Eskilstuna Logistics Park. Kuehne Nagel has already started to move in, but it is not clear when the warehouse will open.

"It is under construction, but I should think there will be inward deliveries shortly says David Hofmann, CEO of Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB:

"Amazon's investment in Eskilstuna confirms that we are one of the most important and expansive areas for logistics in the country.

Amazon's establishment will generate a many new jobs in Eskilstuna and very likely many more at high season.

"It is obviously very positive that Kuehne Nagel is choosing to continue developing in Sweden, with Eskilstuna as its base. We view this as a signal that they will grow and develop their logistics operation here," says Manuel Brändeborn, marketing manager at Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB.

Logicenter, which built the warehouse from where Kuehne Nagel will be managing Amazon's logistics operation in Sweden, is already engaged in expanding the warehouse building with a further 15,000 square metres.

 Amazon Web Services has been established in the logistics park for some time with there large data center.

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