The best location for warehouse and distribution

Eskilstuna has an optimal geographic location in the rapidly growing Stockholm-Malarregion. In addition, the terminal is well-connected to railway, motorway and airports, making a great location even better.

Eskilstuna Logistikpark ties together three transport systems: railway, motorway and airports. The area stretches over 400 hectares, planned and ready for new warehouses and industry terminals that crave ready access to a close and multifunctional network.

Together with the local logistics areas of Vilsta, Svista and Brunnsta, our intermodal terminal offers attractive logistics centres with a competent workforce, stable access to green power and a high-performance IT network. On the map of Mälardalen you can see which areas are ready for operations.

Examples of companies that already have logistics operations in Eskilstuna are H&M, MECA, Skanlog and Volvo CE.