Sustainable business establishment solutions in Eskilstuna Logistics Park

Stockholm-Mälardalen and further can be easily accessed from Eskilstuna Logistics Park, which is in direct proximity to motorways, railway and flights. Eskilstuna Logistics Park has a strategic location at the centre of freight flow, regardless of whether you are interested in exports or proximity to the end customer in the Stockholm region. The logistics park is perfect for those who need warehouses, data centres or industrial operations. There are 420 hectares of land already planned. You will also get access to a competent and loyal workforce. It could hardly be better.


E-commerce, warehousing and logistics

A better location would be difficult to find. You can reach 3.8 million people from Eskilstuna Logistics Park within an hour. In Eskilstuna Logistics Park, we create the conditions for your company to establish itself and grow in a long-term sustainable manner with, among other things:

  • Railway and industrial track
  • Green areas and maintained nature corridors that reduce noise in the area
  • Local disposal of stormwater and open water surfaces
  • Environmentally-friendly district heating
  • Municipal water and sewage
  • Public transport and cycle paths

Together with the logistics areas of Vilsta, Svista, Brunnsta and our excellently situated intermodal terminal, we can offer you an attractive logistics centre here in Eskilstuna.



Data centre - for those who want to be environmentally friendly

Do as other leading data center companies and establish your data centre in Eskilstuna Logistics Park. There are advantages here such as:

  • Energy prices
  • Access to environmentally friendly power supply
  • IT infrastructure
  • Average temperature of +7 degrees.
  • Access to skills
  • The possibility to recover excess heat

Eskilstuna is part of the Stockholm region and is one of the best locations in the world in terms of access to environmentally-friendly, renewable energy. The region is a world leader in many respects and organizations such as ABB, the Swedish Energy Agency, Energy Competence Centre, EON, Vattenfall and Sevab are leading developments and bringing internationally attractive expertise with them, where people are constantly driving developments forward. Eskilstuna Evolution Centre is a knowledge centre for future energy solutions.

High-performance fibre networks for data and telecommunications are a prerequisite for establishment and growth. Eskilstuna Logistics Park is located in one of the world's most connected regions, with a very high use of computers and the internet. A well-developed infrastructure of fibre networks and leading companies provides the conditions for successful operations within ICT (Information and Communication Technology).


Industry and manufacturing - we want you here

In Eskilstuna, a long industrial tradition is combined with a strong sense of optimism. More than 6,000 companies operate in Eskilstuna. Our corporate and innovation culture has laid the foundation for a manufacturing industry that makes an impression worldwide. Our well-developed infrastructure and an open business climate have led both large and small companies from a number of industries to establish themselves here. You are welcome too.

Those who choose to establish their businesses in Eskilstuna receive:

  • A personal contact, who will guide you through the entire process.
  • Access to a valuable network that will help you to develop your business.
  • Collaboration with other companies and the municipality so that we can grow