Aerial film with map animations showing the infrastructure in Eskilstuna Logistics Park.

Available ground with extra everything

E-commerce, data centre, logistics/warehouse or industry. Come and establish your business in Eskilstuna. You can start building right away. We have already planned 420 hectares industrial ground for you.

In addition to the practical and financial details with ground already planned, you will get:

  • A site in the centre of the logistics flow in expansive Mälardalen.
  • Become part of an economic centre with about 3.8 million people within 60 minutes’ travel.
  • Access to a well-developed road and rail network.
  • Proximity to ports and airports, including through our intermodal terminal.
  • Environmentally friendly electricity supply, so you can contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Access to employees with expertise and commitment.
  • Become part of a well-established and expansive business community.
  • A good price compared to other similar places in Mälardalen.

Congratulations on becoming part of our dynamic region. In Eskilstuna, entrepreneurs, trainers and employees in the public and private sectors work together to jointly contribute to a good society. Sportamore, H&M and Stiga Sports are excellent examples of leading companies in retail and e-commerce. Volvo, ASSA and Outokumpu are industries that thrive in Eskilstuna.

Mälardalen University College and important clusters such as Automation Region, Robotdalen, Fabriksföreningen. MITC and the Energy Competence Centre contribute to knowledge and development