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Eskilstuna is one of the world's most environmentally advanced industrial cities.

We are located in the middle of Stockholm-Mälardalen, a region with growing trade and tourism industry. We have 106,000 inhabitants and we are growing by about 1,000 people each year. Our biggest attractions are Parken Zoo, Rademachersmedjorna, Sundbyholm and Torshälla.

More than 6,000 companies operate in Eskilstuna municipality and our corporate and innovation culture has laid the foundation for a manufacturing industry that makes an impression worldwide. The largest employers are Volvo Construction Equipment, H&M, Transcom, Assa and Fazer.

Our well-developed infrastructure and the open business climate have led both large and small companies to establish themselves in Eskilstuna, where the motorways meet rail and air transport. You can reach 3.8 million people from here within an hour.

It is easy to operate a business in Eskilstuna. Business issues are prioritized here. You can get help with e.g.:

  • Business service with a personal contact
  • Business development and new companies
  • Skills supply
  • Marketing

Mälardalen University (MDH) is located here. A new campus will be ready in 2020 with room for about 4,000 students and 300 employees.

A sustainable city at the forefront. Eskilstuna has Europe's first recycling shopping centre, Retuna, climate-smart arenas and electric buses for public transport. Eskilstuna Evolution Centre is being established here, and will become a knowledge centre for future energy solutions. Business Plan Eskilstuna is a unique collaboration between the municipality and the business community in order to increase employment and improve the business environment.

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