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Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions for production, logistics and transportation for commerce, e-commerce, industry and data centres. We provide opportunities for business in a growth region with access to a well-developed infrastructure and sustainable logistics solutions in Eskilstuna Logistics Park and via Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal. Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering is a municipal company. Our business is characterized by values such as:

  • Sustainability: from transport, buildings and energy supply to the environment and nature considerations.
  • Commitment: from first contact to the establishment and development of businesses.
  • Cost-efficiency: to help develop the best possible economic solution, both short and long-term for our companies.

Cooperation between companies, municipality and schools

Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering cooperates with Eskilstuna municipality, the region's business sector and education system. Together with the municipality's business unit, we run joint development, organise and operate activities. Mälardalen University develops training courses in information technology, industrial automation and logistics, while independent companies provide vocational education in logistics, production and retail.

The logistics network and Eskilstuna Fabriksförening are involved in the activities and help to facilitate entrepreneurship, recruitment and to create new business opportunities.

The local logistics network works actively to develop and improve the possibilities to operate sustainable and efficient logistics companies in the region, for example within:

  • skills supply
  • infrastructure
  • business establishment support

The logistics network consists of various companies with good knowledge of the industry, from construction work and transport to education and personnel supply. Everyone cooperates to facilitate the establishment of new logistics companies and the further development of existing ones.

Executive Board

Johan Holmqvist

Executive Board Johan Holmqvist

Chairman. Independent member nominated by (M)
+46 70-3245737
Ann-Sofie Wågström (S)

Executive Board Ann-Sofie Wågström (S)

Vice Chairman
Stefan Bergqvist (SD)

Executive Board Stefan Bergqvist (SD)

Carlos Costa (C)

Executive Board Carlos Costa (C)

Leif Jilsmo (M)

Executive Board Leif Jilsmo (M)

Lars-Göran Karlsson (S)

Executive Board Lars-Göran Karlsson (S)

Bengt Nilsson (SD)

Executive Board Bengt Nilsson (SD)

Thomas Stääv (L)

Executive Board Thomas Stääv (L)