We develop the railways

Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering AB manages and develops the railway infrastructure in Eskilstuna. This means that we can help those who want to establish their business here with regard to their needs for rail transport.

We manage, among other things, the train depot in Eskilstuna, which makes it possible for freight carriers and passengers to move about smoothly.

For more information, refer to the Rail Network Description document.

Capacity allocation or questions

If you want to apply for capacity allocation for the rail network administered by Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering, or if you have any questions, contact the infrastructure manager here at Eskilstuna Logistik och Etablering.

Information on traffic management and traffic safety

  • Parts of the railway network consist of deviating main tracks (according to the Swedish Transport Administration's Traffic regulations for railways, TDOK 2015:0309). These traffic routes are managed by the Swedish Transport Administration's traffic control centre in Norrköping.
  • The track area is operated in relevant parts according to the Swedish Transport Administration's traffic regulations for railways (TTJ).
  • The traffic is regulated in more detail in the Traffic Safety Instructions for each track network/area.
  • Traffic Safety Instructions are assigned to the railway companies that have agreements to use the respective track area. (TRAV)

    Eskilstuna Train Depot

    Eskilstuna Train Depot

    Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal